Shannon Tillis
Senior Executive

Shannon Tillis

Hi, I'm Shannon Tillis, and I work as a Credit Solutions Specialist with Credit Solutions.AI®. My mission is to assist people in getting back in charge of their finances and improving the state of their credit. I can help you achieve your financial goals by drawing on my experience in the field, my enthusiasm for empowering customers, and my knowledge of cutting-edge AI-driven tools and services. Your credit score, fiscal future, and tranquility are my top priorities at Credit Solutions.AI®. Come be a part of Credit Solutions.AI® with me and my team as we work to improve your credit and financial situation.


On the subject of credit solutions, Shannon Tillis is the individual to whom you should direct your inquiries at Credit Solutions.AI Shannon makes excellent use of her considerable knowledge and skills in the subject of finance, as well as her wealth of information on credit repair strategies, when it comes to supporting people in reclaiming control of their financial destiny. She does this by using her substantial knowledge and abilities in the business of finance. Shannon Tillis is a financial consultant with years of expertise and a degree in finance. She has worked in the field for many years.

Her areas of expertise include assisting customers in developing and constructing healthy financial strategies. Additionally, she’s a specialist in improving their credit ratings. The completion of each and every one of these tasks occurs simultaneously. With the use of the services that are offered by our business partner, SmartCredit A significant number of her clients have been successful in accomplishing their monetary objectives as a direct result of her substantial competence in the process of acquiring consumer credit.

  • conducted comprehensive company risk assessments by analyzing financial data in Audit Analysis
  • developed a risk management framework that safeguarded company assets
  • prepared actionable risk reports for senior management


Professional Skills

Consulting 95%
Management 90%
Development 93%