Renee Anders
Financial Advisor

Renee Wallace

As a Credit Solutions Specialist at Credit Solutions.AI®, my name is Renee Wallace, and I'm devoted to assisting people in taking back control of their finances and enhancing the health of their credit. With my experience in the financial industry and my enthusiasm for helping customers achieve their financial goals, I will use cutting-edge AI-driven technologies in conjunction with my knowledge of credit to pave the way for your success. My goal with Credit Solutions.AI® is to improve your credit, your financial situation, and your overall sense of well-being. Come work with me and the rest of the team at Credit Solutions.AI® to restore your credit and improve your financial situation.


Renee Wallace, who works at Credit Solutions.AI, has an excellent level of competence in the field of credit solutions. Renee’s comprehensive understanding of credit repair strategies and good experience in finance allow her to assist clients in regaining control of their financial destiny. This is Renee’s area of expertise. A graduate in the field of finance, Renee Wallace has been working as a financial counselor for ten years, specializing in credit rehabilitation and financial planning. She also has a degree in finance. As a result of her expertise in credit restoration, a significant number of her clients have been successful in accomplishing their particular monetary goals. Additionally, she is involved in utilizing tools with our partner, SmartCredit.

  • Collect, organize and analyze financial data
  • Develop monthly finance reports
  • Recommend and implement business decisions
  • Lead and complete 10 finance projects
  • Reduce material costs by 10%
  • Created weekly finance reports
  • Analyzed the company’s revenue and gross margin
  • Assisted the lead Financial Analyst with decision-making

Renee Wallace Certifications

  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Certified Fund Specialist
  • Certified Government Financial Manager

Professional Skills

Planning 95%
Management 90%
Development 89%